Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a little perplexed but mostly just musing...

I have mentioned that Bast has moved into my life in a big way.
It all started over a horse that I am retraining...a spoiled horse with a lovely soft eye who had learned that 1. people are not to be trusted and 2. if you are a raging ass they will leave you alone.

So, because I try not to bite off more than I can chew, I was approaching this problem with some caution...lots of caution....delaying tactics was more like it.

One day in a meditation Bast appeared and in no uncertain terms told me that the Celtic goddesses that I was consorting with had no intention of helping me with the suck-it-up and get-on-with-it kind of courage I was looking for. Actually that is not what she said but I am assuming that she was borrowing from my very worst vocabulary and lets leave it at that.

On the other hand...SHE would love to help me out with this and if I would just trust her she would help me and things would work out just great.

So I did, and she did and it has.

She is not subtle. Before we started training this horse she sent me to buy this pendant. I told myself I had to make a run to a metaphysical bookstore on my way to the barn. It wasn't on my way, it was across town in the opposite direction and when I got there I searched, not knowing what I was looking for, until I found this. Fortunately it was affordable.

I have several times started to do some research on her on the internet and she has stopped me. Do it later, it will keep, you don't need to do that.

Just recently I asked her about this and got a cryptic, why aren't you happy with what you know?
So I said that I wanted to do some research for the Black Cats and Full Moons blog with has a promised second part on the Egyptian pantheon that is only months overdue.
OH THAT! oh, then go do the research, but don't bother to try to relate that to us. That will come later.

She speaks to me more plainly than any other deity. I have a very clear relationship with the Elements and with the Trickster and I sometimes wonder if he is an Elemental and not a deity.
Anyway, I have never gotten such clear messages from a deity before.
It is sometimes strange, sometimes perplexing and sometimes wonderful.
I have to wonder if when the horse training project is over...she will leave, because she seems more interested in that than anything else. I guess only time will tell.


  1. Like all cats great and small, they come and go as they will, on their terms, and when the fancy takes them.

    But, I think the horse was the introduction and for sure the means to get your ears at attention...and she boldly walked in as if she owns the place, just as a cat will do!

    Enjoy this for you have been chosen. And, as I said, of those of us who the Egyptian Gods have chosen, life is not easy, but it is deeply interesting.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

    Blessed Be!

  2. Wonderful post! I love how Bast made you buy the pendant of Herself. I have a friend who was once similarly compelled to buy a bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed red roses simply because the Goddess demanded it of her. Resistance is futile, LOL!

  3. Maybe the horse-training is a bit of 'human-training' too - her way of getting to know you. I would hope she would stick around. Best wishes on your journey with her!

  4. I'll second and third all Holly said....

    and I'm glad you are "stepping up" to the tasks presented.