Thursday, July 14, 2011

returning to blogging

I took an enforced break from blogging.  I was in an accident with a horse - a loose horse came around a corner and ran right over me.  I spent a few days in the hospital and when I got out I found I really couldn't concentrate well enough to write.  I had a concussion; eye didn't want to focus and brain wanted to rest. 
So I didn't blog for a while and then I felt that I had sort of lost interest in it.  Immediately before the accident I had deleted several one topic blogs because I felt I was just spread too thin and while they interested me, there was no way to keep them current. 
So I let things just slide for a while.  This blog has always been intermittent, but A Pagan Tapestry was a routine of important days and practice - also a little venting.  But I felt that I had run out of things to say. 
A little more time went by and I slowly began to realize that A Pagan Tapestry is part of my spiritual practice.  It keeps me on track so I don't just blow past important days.  When I want/need more information or just become curious about something I research it and blog about it. 
I have missed this part of my practice, so after spending a month or so just feeling guilty for having dropped it - remember, I was raised Catholic, I can feel guilty about anything! - I finally got back to it.  Full Moon entry tonight on Tapestry. 
If anyone is still reading this blog - thank you and I am back!  Comments are welcome always.