Saturday, July 31, 2010

be careful what you 'ward'

One morning this week I was listening to a podcast where warding was being discussed and I choked on my coffee.
Sometimes I am my own worst enemy and the results can be hilarious or dismaying.  This time it was hilarious.

I sometimes drive home in a funk after doing some shopping in the afternoons.  I am pissed off about being run over, cut in front of and treated rudely by other shoppers.  I start off being annoyed and sometimes end up ranting about it.

Guess who is causing this?  ME!
I go into the store wanting to just get done quickly, not run into anyone that wants to chat, just get it over with and get home.  I am so focused on this that I am making myself invisible. I am warding off any interaction with others.  So they cut in front of me, run into my cart, step on my foot..... I'm hard to see. I had no idea I was so effective, but I am really focused.  I'm just experiencing an unwanted side effect.

I laughed so hard I nearly cried, but at least now I know what is going on.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tarot and me

One change in the last few months is that I have gotten serious about the Tarot.  I have dabbled for many years, picking them up and putting them down, but now I find myself using them everyday, sometimes just one card, sometimes for a reading with a spread and sometimes for meditation.
Unlike some readers I do not look for the future in the cards, other than a probable or likely outcome.  I find them much more useful for considering the present from many different angles and choosing a course of action based on that.
I have done a little reading for others, but I find that a lot of people are stuck in the past and mainly interested in finding a reader who will tell them that a love interest from their past is still in love with them.  I find that depressing, especially since the cards rarely, if ever, support that.  So I am very cautious about who I read for.
But I use them daily for my own connection to spirit.
I was surprised to find out only recently that some readers never do a reading for themselves and think that such a reading would be inaccurate.  I probably wouldn't be so interested in the Tarot if I felt that way.  I'm glad I was never told that when I first started out learning about Tarot.

The deck I use the most is the Mystical Dreamer, I get very strong messages from this deck.

I recently acquired a brand new deck, Shadowscapes Tarot.  The images are incredible, but I am having trouble with some of the cards.
So, while the Tarot is not new to me, it seems to have suddenly opened up for me in the last few months.

I need to spend more time here

I have really been neglecting this blog and actually this one is where I should be blogging.  Pagan Tapestry is chugging along thru the Wheel and will undoubtedly be outraged enough at the upcoming elections to vent a little about that.  The other blogs are mainly collections of information.  I have them separate so that I can find things myself.  It works better than a file cabinet.
Here is where I should be writing, I have spread my wings this year, delved into my mystical life more than I ever planned and learned much.  I want to record it, mainly for myself, but it might help someone else along their path also.
Let me get my thoughts together and I will be back soon.  At least, unlike the Tapestry blog, this one does not have to follow a linear path.  Thank Goddess.