Sunday, June 21, 2009


I woke up this morning thinking that I needed to do a ritual. No real plan, just a vague feeling. My brain doesn't kick in until my second cup of coffee so this was just an impulse. I lit a sage candle, cleaned my little glass plate that I use for an altar, lit some incense, a candle to the Goddess and realized I had no real intent or motivation for this ritual, but I had lots of good energy.
So I invited the Goddess to just hang out for a while this morning. I chatted with her while I checked email, got dressed, had coffee. I offered the day to her and asked for her guidance.
I felt at peace and very content. Put out the candles and went about my morning.
Later in the day I remembered that it is Solstice and that I had not planned a formal ritual like I had been meaning to.
Sometimes, even though I love ritual, an informal connection with Goddess, or the Elements, or Spirit Guides is exactly what I need to make sure that this path is a daily one, and not just for special occasions.
Happy solstice, take a minute and say hello to the divine that you offer your path to.


  1. The best connections are those that are so unique and intimate that they spring from spontaneous meeting with the goddess last night was much the same.

    I hope you had a solstice that brings continued joy on The Path and that we continue to learn from your insights as we go....

    Bright Blessings

  2. Many times I just wend thru my days speaking to different spirits which come and go. Someone always pops out of the 'ether' to let me know I'm never alone. I always find that fascinating though it doesn't affect me like it used to. The spirit manifests in many ways, shapes,and voices as we move thru our earth lives...always ready to assist. It took me years to learn to really accept this even though I had literally thousands of 'certifications'. I like the quiet times best for they are when it feels like I'm with old friends. Suzanne and I went to celebrations at the park and I played a set for our native communities.... It was good fun.

  3. Funny, but that's kinda how my Solstice went to - it didn't seem to require anything too formal...i actually found that the New Moon the following Monday was where my energy went instead!

    I LOVE Susan Seddon Boulet's work too - isn't she the best!!

    Sparkly Blessings,
    Kathy C.