Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the gold puppy

My blogging friend Reya Mellicker at The Gold Puppy
is saying goodbye to the gold puppy today. Jake has had a long and good life and it is time to let him go.
As pagans, most of us believe that this physical form that we inhabit is just one phase of a cycle of life that goes on and on, but that doesn't seem to lessen our sorrow as one by one our loved ones, human or otherwise, leave this plane of existence.
Good journeys, Jake.


  1. What a tribute to a fine animal companion. Having had the hard task of doing the right thing for six of my canine companions over the years, I know how incredibly hard this is. And, I will be thinking about the two of them and sending them love and light during this hard farewell. Thank you for letting me know. I hope the path is finding you well these days of summer.

  2. They are our most loyal and compassionate friends...asking little and offering untold support. I've always liked the silly question of "what is "dog" spelled backwards" My dogs have been, my 'gods', in many ways for they taught me strength and humility at the same time. I know your loss.

  3. My dog Millie died last Friday. I like to think that she might come and visit Jake sometime romping and playing. I finally let go of the pain in a long long cry yesterday. I didn't even realize I was holding it in. I hope she heals well.

  4. Greymentality, I'm so sorry your dog passed away. But I love the idea of Millie and Jake romping and playing. I'm indescribably sad, but there is a feeling of relief emanating from the places in my room where Jake hung out.

    Thank you for these beautiful comments, and thank you such much Celestite, for the shout out here.

    I have been in awe of the amount of support and love that's been directed to me and Jake. No one could ever ask for more!