Thursday, May 14, 2009

you have to let go for pathworking to work

I did a guided meditation a few evenings ago that gave me some good information.
I got to the point where sometimes I turn the meditation off and see what happens. Instead of the room that I usually visualize, there was a dark curtain that I couldn't see through or find a way around. I just waited, tried to keep my mind as clear and calm as possible and waited to see what would happen. Bast appeared again and told me to walk with her, away from the curtain. As we walked away hands reached out through the curtain, reaching for me. I asked her what was happening and she said that those were my fears...I have let them get so strong that they are controlling where I walk. I need to stop thinking about them and instead think about my goals and the good things about the work to reach these goals. We walked to a doorway and watched over a beautiful meadow for a while and then went back through the hallway, past the curtain with the hands, back up the stairs and to the end of the meditation.
Afterward I felt calm and focused and the next morning got a lot of things done that I have been putting off or obsessing over.


  1. This examples the problem with focus and loss of focus as I explained to another channel about 10 years back. Because one seeks to evade the other through retraining the two are inexorably connected. The base is subjectivity of habit while the goal is to be objective about the habit in order to stop the cycle. Too much of one causes the crash into the other. Its like running from something your afraid of in a dream or real a dream you had better look what you're running realworld a good analogy would be the classic old relationship rebound where too much anger and frustration creates susceptibility to a re-creation of exactly the same partner attributes. What she and I talked about was loss of focus in a "house cleaning meditation" and attempted restarts which kept failing. I told her to go where the dream is leading and just pay the new images and what they bring forth. Self-doubt and self-condemnation are the same coin...tossed twice.............

    Bast reminds me of my old companion "Jake the Beardog". His desire to have fun was so strong it would take me past my troubles and into a world of spontenaity.

  2. That is so awesome girl!!! I felt a connection to Bast too when I first started getting into this....eventhough I was never big on Egyptian Mythology.....I let go like that once and I had a english cottage appear in front of me. I walked in and there was an egyptian diety (have no idea which one) spinning one of those wheels that The Sleeping Beauty poked herself (sorry for my limited english :-( ).....I walked closer and out of nowhere a red bull made of smoke came out of the wheel and into the air....left me a little puzzled - I had to Google all possible symbolic meanings for a bull

  3. Wow, that's amazing. It's wonderful what happens when we find the courage to relinquish control sometimes.

  4. well, this is what I found: that cows (bulls) are sacred to Isis; in Vedas the dawn of creation is presented by cows, the dawn is Hathor and the day that follows (or Nature already formed) is Isis; according to Jung, that bull signifies that you will lift yourself up to a higher plane of life; bull is connected to the pharaos; the Bull of Taurus, the Kerub of Earth, which is the foundation upon which the Great Work is accomplished (according to Thelema; Osiris is associated with a bull...

    So many meanings and I still have to figure it out :-(

  5. Stunning. And, the message? The second time I've heard it today. Will there be a third, do you suppose?