Thursday, April 30, 2009

meditating at work?

I have left the house for the last two days so frazzled that I'm surprised that people are not staring at my head spinning around on my shoulders.
Today while I was doing some mindless manual tasks at work I was listening to my iPod, head still spinning and I decided to listen to a guided meditation and see if that helped at all.
To my surprise I was able to listen to the meditation with about 90% of my focus, keep working and no one disturbed me for the length of the podcast...about 20 minutes.
Not only did it calm me down and let my fried brain recover, but I actually got into the journey. Not completely, but pretty well experiencing and enjoying it.

I may have mentioned that although I deal primarily with the Celtic deities, Bast has been knocking on the door every once in a while. I don't know what to do with her so I have been ignoring her. While I was doing this meditation, suddenly there she was, in the place of the spirit that was being described by the narrator. She was telling me that if I would just listen for once, she could tell me how to deal with my fears that are holding me back. It was a very strong and clear conversation, ok, more like an angry lecture, but it was awesome as well as instructive.


  1. Wow . . . well, I guess a thump upside the head from a Goddess should never go unheeded! Very intriguing.

  2. it is said that everything can fund ZEN...if so...and I do believe its possible, work is little more than ZEN unfunded.;-) I have found many, many times that a little intercurricular activity changes the dimension of a job. I've spent many nights driving a semi-tractor truck outfitted with hopper and snowplows over the lonely backroads in central BC......listening to meditation tapes at times and finding my self working by "the buzz". Before I know it the night is gone and I'm going home. My job went smoothly and I accomplished more than when I was concentrating. I knew of a study once which proved hard rock music increased productivity in the workplace by as much as 30%.

    One question Hon.......would it not seem appropriate to have your guide yell at you to get your attention if you are busy yelling internally at yourself ??? try the ZEN of yelling as I'm certain there is one...;-0 ;-0 ;-0

  3. Oh and I'm going to do another tune for the blog shortly......with you in mind...snicker, giggle, guffaw

  4. Bright Blessings,
    Does it seem timely that I asked on your other site to consider the notion of walking with the Eygptian pantheon? I find the connection here to be quite you?

  5. Holly, I have thought a lot about that. Was this just my subconscious just acting on that suggestion? Was I more open to listening to a message from Bast because I was thinking about that?
    One part of my journey working is that I have decided to just accept what happens at face value, not second guess it or try to figure out how it is not real. I am just trying to listen to the messages and see what happens.
    Even if this was the power of has already helped me out.

  6. I would say, not the power of suggestion...I think sometimes we get dropped outta the sky into a moving stream, and we get wet with the water in the second we hit.

    I am thinking that, especially with the Eygptian pantheon, there are no power of suggestion. They almost make us see them when they decide they need to be seen.

    At least, that's how it was for me and Ma'at. I was standing in a museum staring at something when she loomed up in front of me and took my breath away. A story for another time, perhaps.

    Blessings on You, Bright Ones.

  7. Among many other things, Bast is the Goddess of Fun and Playfulness. Make time for some today! Woohoo!!