Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The podcast 'Why Shamanism Now?' has renewed my commitment to pathworking and dispelled (at least for now) my frustration at the erratic pace.

I am going to miss the new moon circle with my new coven. I have only been participating with this group for a few months and was looking forward to this new moon. I will have to do something special for myself in ritual. I have started incorporating more new moon work into my routine than I used to.

My reports on my astrology class have moved to my Seeker blog. As soon as I can string two coherent sentences together I will write more. I am getting it, it is making sense, but it is still stuck in the intuitive part of my brain and only reluctantly letting the other half of my brain try to verbalize it. This is actually good because I am so analytical that things usually happen in the reverse. I am thrilled to have my intuition speaking up for once and telling the logical side to just shut up for a few minutes.

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  1. I like to call it 'floating' for when I enter into "it", the spirit eases itself from stagnation while waiting for the survival process (LOGIC)to sideslip. Then once again we are free from the linear bounds of the psyche and we get to float until the logic (SURVIVAL INSTINCT) tricks us into thinking it is more wonder I've been called 'Heyoka' by some....this process is explained very well by a lovely Buddhist-psychoanalist from Florida called "explode out of the box...something or another". She's on my blog list. When I was a young man we called it 'groovin'. All it takes is one focused doubt and you drop back into linear form...which is our greatest habit..........keep at Dahlin' it jest gits easier.............'over' time.