Monday, February 16, 2009

the spirits whisper, and I stick my fingers in my ears and say la-la-la-la-la

I have been spending some time on a regular basis with my pathworking. It has been very enlightening and several times I have been able to make decisions based on what I learn during the meditation. One thing that has been very disappointing is the lack of an animal spirit guide. The spirit guide that shows up each time has been a person.

The animal spirit that I already have a relationship with is the Trickster, as the coyote. But I have never had any sense that he is interested in being a guide or a teacher.

I have been fairly well set on finding that my spirit guide is a wolf. I greatly admire the wolf and have done a lot of research on the wolf. I have been fascinated by this animal since I was a small child. So I have done everything but conjure up a wolf for myself. I have looked and anticipated and tried my best to force this pathworking along the path that I want.

It has done me absolutely no good. No wolf. No mention of the wolf. No sign that the wolf is just around the next corner. A HUGE disappointment. It becomes harder and harder to let the pathwork unfold and not manipulate it, but manipulating it does not get me what I want either.

Then it occurs to me last night, that the animal that is always present in my pathworking, that I have consistently ignored or taken notice of only as another creature in the area, is the raven.
Perched over doorways, in trees, on bookshelves, ever present whenever the meditation is really working well.

Now don't I feel stupid. big duh. So with a great sense of apology, the next time I do a pathworking meditation, if the raven is present, I plan to talk to it. This may be interesting, in a totally groveling sort of way.

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  1. Oh, I know that feeling. Crow (kin to Raven) is my beloved patron spirit the "DOY" feeling is just how I felt; like I was duffed on the head with his (I refer to him as he) wings. Raven and Crow are similar but have their differences. I'm sure your path will be much enriched! Congrats on finding him/her. (:

  2. sometimes we cant see for looking !! I know the feeling- In this world i just do not relate to horses and yet they show up in all my magical and spiritual work.
    horses. snort.
    I must do a meditation and strike up a converation.....thanks for reminding me xxx
    Lisa xx

  3. lol....I thought I am the only one that was forcing the being a Leo, I wanted a lion as animal guide - but when I finally had a breakthrough it happened to be a Gorilla, which shook me up as if 220V electricity hit me! LOL

    I am so curious what the Raven will have to say to you. I think its a very noble creature that many people over look it

  4. Raven is a totem of mine too =). Did you know ravens are intrinsically linked with wolves? Ravens even have the nickname 'wolf-birds'. They seem to 'hunt' together, where the wolves follow them and then the wolves hunt and the ravens take the leavings. Maybe there is something in that for you. Anyway, I hope you learn much from the Raven! x

  5. I believe the Magpie is my totem animal, it always catches my attention and is always there. Though I've not tried to meditate on it and don't really know how! I don't do as much meditation as I should!

  6. Can you tell us more about how you do yoru pathworking meditation? I would love to more about that.