Tuesday, February 3, 2009

spirits of the land

I have been trying to remember some of the things that I experienced prior to acknowledging my pagan path that influenced me. I think there is probably an accumulation of experiences that reached a critical point without me even realizing it.

One memory of a very cool experience came to me just the other day. I hadn't thought about this for many years.

When I lived in Albuquerque (it was a smaller town than it is now) I used to take the dogs for long runs along the base of Sandia Crest. There are lots of canyons cut into the base of the Crest, some big enough to have names, many smaller ones.

One day the dogs led me into one of the smaller canyons and we hiked up it for a while, then came to where it changed into a series of enormous steps reaching up and back into the mountain. A little bit of climbing, not too difficult, led to the second step which was a large shelf with trees, a small spring and a great view. I now believe that this place was an energy source, populated by some spirits of the land. At the time I just felt that it was unusually peaceful there. I would talk out loud to the mountain, to the rock formations, and I would leave feeling energized and peaceful. I thought it was a little silly, but never analyzed my feelings about this place. I went there regularly for years. The dogs liked it too, rushing to get to that lookout point, but never showing any inclination to go farther.

This was an experience with the earth that I never noticed as being a big deal, but it may be part of why I am where I am today on my path.


  1. I have always felt energized by such explorations into nature as well. Wonderful image you create -- the telling of your hike led by dogs.

    :D Love your blog's layout. Peaceful and earthy here!

  2. Yes, your blog is beautiful. That's a wonderful story. How lucky you are to have lived there. I wish I could go see it soon.

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  4. wow...this is really like the saying that all things happen for a reason! Isnt it weird looking back at what has happened or how you felt or what have your thoughts been like and realizing that all that was playing a part in forming you, YOU of the present. Amazing!

    I have always been drawn to mountains. Since I was a little kid I felt the happiest when my parents or grandparent took my hiking. Later, I went on my own with my friends.

    I still remember my grandfathers stories about dragons (actually Lamyas) that lived in the caves. Some stole young girls - others didnt bother people or animals. He was telling us stories about Fairies (Samovila's) in the rivers taking young humans with them never to be seen again....and many, many more.

    Now that I moved to the USA, especially the flat region of Michigan is killing my spirit - no hills on site! I dont know any legends tied to a certain nature spot - let alone to go and see it...

  5. Michigan, Ohio, that area of the country was home to some ancient Native American tribes, dating back to similar time as the Anasazi. There are ancient burial grounds and there are energy lines thru that part of the country. Google 'burial mounds Ohio' and it will get you started on info for that general area. I think that will a little research you could find some possible energy sources that would be fun to go and investigate. Let me know if you pursue this.

  6. Ohhh....I gotta investigate the burial mounds! But I will have to stay on the internet doing this...lol. I am tied down with the young children and cant do any of the traveling. Plus, my husband doesnt really care - otherwise all 4 of us could go for a ride :-) Maybe if I can sweet talk him he could take us one weekend when it gets warmer :-)

  7. I'd don't know you at all, but none the less, I'm Dreamer.

    I'm looking for ANY legend, myth, sacred sites, ANYTHING that could help get me closer to Michigan(Mishigama originally). I too have seen mountains, and desert, and redwoods and sacred sites and all of the wonder of the West. But finding things like that in lower Michigan is hard.

    I was wondering if you found anything you'd like to share.

    email me at edwardwiltscheck@yahoo.com