Monday, February 9, 2009

full moon

Tonight I celebrated the full moon with a circle, for the first time ever.
It was a lovely experience. This is a group of mature women of all ages who meet to celebrate the Goddess.

Women all over the world have done this for thousands of years. The details have changed over time, we don't really know what women did, exactly, to honor the gods and goddesses long ago, but we do know that they met, openly or in secret, to share their spiritual lives.

I thought of that tonight and was glad to be joining in the timelessness of the ritual.

I did find myself to be a little bit more of an observer than a participant. In my solitary practice my focus and concentration are undisturbed. I found that I was distracted somewhat by being in a group, a thought that had not occurred to me until it happened. I think maybe my solitary practice could use being jarred out of complacency. It was a good experience, one I plan to repeat.


  1. yes, the energy in a group circle as opposed to soliatire work is quite different, that is why i guess it is really important to get the group as right as possible- focus, tolerance etc.
    I love my sister circle- ti s unique relationship for sure

    lisa xx

  2. I've never worked in a circle before, I'm jealous that you've had the chance! Glad you enjoyed the experience and that it only enhances your solitary one x

  3. How awesome! I don't celebrate with a circle but I'd sure like to some day. That is, if I ever decide to find a like-minded group!

  4. How wonderful. Were you invited or did you seek them out? I am solitary too.

  5. I was invited by a woman that I give riding lessons to. Her daughter's comment was along the lines of 'leave it to you to find the only riding instructor who is also pagan'
    One of those small world things.

  6. lol...I had to laugh at the last comment by was time her path to cross yours...or the

    I can feel you on the weirdness of many people around you. When I was getting attuned for Reiki II, even though it was only me and my teacher - when she said that I can meditate after it was all done....I wanted to, because I was flying with a hawk or eagle...but I felt very disturbed and wanted to get out of that state of mind, but the bird had a strong hold of