Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I had set aside my pathworking meditation for a while. I found I was struggling with it and drowning out any message I was supposed to get.

For the last two evenings I have found a few minutes to ground and quiet myself and begin the meditation that begins in the stone room. On both occasions my guide greeted me without words, led me back into a long hallway with many closed doors and indicated that I was to walk down that hallway. There was no sense that there were any 'good' or 'bad' choices to be made, just that I should go that way.

I think this is an affirmation that the somewhat tentative first steps I have taken to make some major changes in my life are in the right direction and I should continue, perhaps with more confidence and looking behind even more closed doors.

1 comment:

  1. let it go, girl....whatever happens, happens...it needs to :-) I am sure you will stumble upon many things that are gonna leave you confused and then you are going to be searching everywhere to try and decode the messages! I loved that rush :-)