Monday, January 19, 2009

an it time?

I received an invitation today...kind of out of the blue. As you know I have not been a part of a coven or even any other group of pagans. My aborted attempts to make contact with other pagans through meet-up groups was the focus of a post that now is funny but at the time was just depressing. (Solitary or group practice?)
I had decided that if and when something came along I MIGHT look into it.

So today I was chatting with a lady that I give riding lessons to and she invited me to join her 'women's group.' Thinking to myself, .....knitting, quilting, husband bashing...nope, not me, I stalled and asked 'what sort of group?'
It's a circle she said, we meet on the full moon every month. I was speechless.

Turns out that her 'little women's group' has been the host of the women's circle at a large pagan festival for several years.

I am excited. Is this a gift from the goddess? I know I was not going to seek anything out on my own for a long long time.

Interesting timing.


  1. I think this could be a surprise gift! I'm solitary too, and likewise the urge to reach out and find others is strong at times. When I've purposely gone out looking I have been disappointed by what I find. But when I've stopped looking, I find others of like mind in the most surprising of places! I think that in these matters, we're being so pro-active that we aren't opened up to receiving what we're looking for.

    Go for it! The worse that will happen is that you won't go there again, and the best is you'll find a group that supports you, welcomes you, and you all grow together on the path.

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  3. ha! When the student is ready the teacher will arrive! Go for it girl, the only thing that can happen is you to enjoy it and feel right at home :-)

  4. "when the student is ready the teacher will arrive"
    Yep I am can't be worse than the poor pagans and it might be awesome.

  5. Love this post and I wish you luck with this new group~

  6. update Celestite....did you go already?


  7. No, they meet on the full moon. Next one is on the 9th.

  8. thats Monday :-) Let us know how it went, I am sure it will have some good energy vibes all around

  9. We are meeting on Sunday evening. They invited me to an Imbolc circle, but I had other plans. I am looking forward to this.