Friday, January 2, 2009

getting off to a good start

I feel that I have, at least temporarily, cleared my mind of some of the incessant worthless chatter that had nearly consumed me a few years ago and still annoys me.
It is a continuous uphill battle but the small victories are worth it.

I am doing several things to fill my mind with more useful, enjoyable and even soothing things to think about.
I am taking a few minutes each day to do some meditating, even if I only have 5 or 10 minutes it is worthwhile.
I have started working on some of the things I want to learn in my spiritual life.
Like taking the time to really listen to Celtic Myth Podcast. It really can't be absorbed while driving or working.

I purchased some new books on assorted aspects of Goddess worship and modern Paganism. I have yet to find just the right book on Shamanism. I have thumbed through many but put them back for various reasons. I am open to suggestions, if anyone would like to send me the name of their favorite book on Shamanism I would at least check it out, but not promise to buy it.

And I am opening myself up to setting aside some serious time for my creative side. I used to be a semi serious artist but that part of me got pushed aside by letting my life run me for many years. I joined a couple of group blogs on creativity. I think that allowing myself to exercise some creativity in my pagan blogs has re-awakened that part of me.
I feel invigorated and like I am starting a new phase of my life.


  1. I have 2 books on shamanism, 1 on shamanism and reiki....I'll give you the links to Amazon - dont know if they would be clickable, but here:

    "Shamanism: As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life" by Thomas Dale Cowan

    " The Way of the Shaman " by Michael Harner

    "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews

    "Totems" by Brad Steiger

    "Shamanic Reiki" by Llynn Roberts

    "Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic" by Lupa

    "Totem Magic: Dance of the Shapeshifter " by Yasmine Galenorn

    I have yet to read some of these....but LOL I didnt realize I have so many of them by now :-( I tried the exercise with falling in the hole and ended up somewhere purple....everything was purple - the water, the vegetation....everything!

    Ok.....about the magical can get it at my store or OR if you want me to make something just for you, email me at

    Much light and happiness your way :-)

  2. Thanks for the list. And I already ordered that potion. :-)

  3. Any time Celestite :-) I am sure you'll be there for me too if I need some help in any way :-)

    Thank you for getting the cream, it really came as a surprise and only today did I read the note you left

  4. Hi,
    Here are a couple of good shaman books...
    Shamanic Spirit by Kenneth Meadows (a Brit), and several other of his titles...

    Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

    The Mist-Filled Path: Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers and Seekers by Frank MacEowen (you may like this one the best)


  5. Thanks, Bob. I'm ordering some books today, so this is good timing.