Friday, July 10, 2009


I am starting a magickal journal.....again.

I have never managed to really keep a good journal of my progress along this path. I would like to have a record and a place to express what I am learning and how and why and what I want to do next week or next year and how that spell I did last week worked out, but I have never actually done it.

I keep a calendar/organizer that I am fairly good at keeping up to date. I keep a running to-do list that works (better all the time the older I get!), I have a gratitude journal of sorts that I bought because it is the artwork of Susan Seddon Boulet and I love is one of those 'fill in the spaces' that is soothing late at night.

But although it has been my intent for a very long time, I have never kept a magick journal.
I think I am too judgemental, not only of my own thoughts, but of silly things like how it looks and what order things go in. I will start it as soon as I find that bit of poetry that I thought would be nice as a first page, or that photo that I wanted to put in it, or just the right pen. Good grief!

So today I am starting my very first magickal is allowed to be a mess, it is allowed to be illegible, it is allowed to skip from here to there and back, I may put anything in it that I want, magickal or mundane. I make no promises about its content, other than to try and make some sort of notes about new things that I learn. It does not have to 'go with' my BOS. The only requirement is to fill it up....with my thoughts or is not even limited to me.

There is my intent.....wish me luck!
Nitpicking Virgo that I am, this is surprisingly difficult.


  1. So mote it be. Record your magick. And, let it be magickal to you in the doing.

  2. I think that is more of what I have versus a BOS....maybe it's a combo thing I have going on. Good luck with yours!

  3. My BOS is more like an encyclopedia, spells and information and recipes. At one point I started adding personal notes, but that died too. And I don't drag my BOS out everyday (it is now living in a 3" binder and needs to move to a 4" one), I might go for weeks without using it, although I tried to add to it regularly. I love that you have a journal and BOS combined, I think that if that flows naturally it is the best way to do it.

  4. I wish you luck with your intention. That's a great idea. I think I should do one to for my spell workings. Kind of like a BOS, as others have said here.

  5. Yeah, I have the same problem. and then i get mad for not writing in it everyday, and that makes me write in it less. its a vicious cycle. good luck with yours :)