Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Raven Woman portraits

You know I love the work of Susan Seddon Boulet. I just found two of her portraits of Raven Woman. This one is titled Ancestor of the North. The one I just dropped into my profile is simply called Raven Woman. This one is on the March page of my new calendar. Either I have never seen these two before or I just hadn't noticed. Like I hadn't noticed the Raven that keeps popping up in my dreams and my meditations.


  1. I love Seddon-Boulet's work too - I have a wonderful book with some pictures of her work and accompanying poems, which I love!

  2. Her work is amazing isn't it? I have yet to buy any of the books out there with her artwork in but one day I'll have wall to wall prints !lol

  3. I treated myself to a wall calendar this year. Didn't cost any more than any other calendar and WOW!
    I got mine at Borders.

  4. I love Susan Seddon Boulet, and have some of her pictures on my blog too, though you have many more, and they look fabulous.

    I really like your blog, and reading what you've had to say about Paganism, which is kind of the same thing I'm addressing on my blog, though I think we all have a different flavour to add.

    Bright Blessings.