Sunday, March 1, 2009

a different kind of visualization

I always have a difficult time with doing the 'visualize how you want it to be and not how it is. '
It is hard for me to focus on this and not let the change creep in or even the present with what I WANT to creep in. I can do it, but it is very hard and never seems to get easier.

I have been trying to do some magick related to a new business that I am starting and getting stuck in my visualizations with the process of starting it and not on a successful business. This week I tried a different way of doing this. If anybody tells me, oh yes, this is how you are SUPPOSED to do this, didn't you know? I think I will hunt you down for not telling me!

So here is what I did. I started off with the winter meditation (listed at A Borrowed Book of Charms) where you go down into the earth and watch the activity there. I did that until I felt very calm and centered. Then I visualized myself as just a spirit or an energy form and I went flying over to where I will be living in the future. I skipped past exactly where that was and how it looked and focused on inside the house, where I watched myself go about the day in my new work-at-home job. Details about phone calls and messages and return calls and my office, all the little stuff in a work day. Then I went back to where I was grounded, came back into my meditating self and was done.

For the first time not a hint of the present or the process slipped in to distract me, it was only about how I want it to be. It was quite enjoyable and seemed quite real. I hope that I have hit on a method that will reliably work for me because this has been a major stumbling block for me and I feel that it has sometimes rendered my magick ineffective. This has been frustrating because I knew what the missing piece was but seemed unable to fix it.

Forgetting my smartass comments above about hunting you down, I am curious if anyone else takes this sort of round about approach to seeing what you want, or perhaps another even more round about. How DO you make sure your visualizations are only what you want them to be?


  1. starting something new is exciting. I like to see the end goal and then break down the steps on the path to realising it.........and i also like to plant a seed for anew venture adn nurtutre it as i do my dreams for my goal
    Lisa xx

  2. So what was different here. The part of seeing yoruself as a spirit and flying over to your new office? I struggle with meditating, but not too much with visualizing.

  3. Yes, I think it was easier to step aside and watch things unfold they way I want. Usually I don't manage to achieve a detached view of a future me, there is too much emotional context to the visualization. It's hard to explain.

  4. I havent tried to do a meditation for my business. I did a talisman though. The whole time that I was carefully making it and then blessing it (or whatever the word I was thinking of how happy I am that my business is doing good. And I really felt that way - as if I have already, I understand that material things are harder and slower to manifest, but I am not gonna go and concentrate on how its not the way I want it to be - instead, when people ask me how its going, I say "awesome!"