Saturday, January 29, 2011

a need for ritual

I have made some changes to my pagan blogging.  I find that my blogging is tied to my ritual work.   My spiritual practice carries on everyday and for a time I did not feel the need for much in the way of ritual.   Now, with another turn of the Wheel, I am missing a more formal ritual practice and blogging here and on A Pagan Tapestry is a part of that practice. 
I have deleted the divination blog, I have a new site for Tarot readings and if you want one from me you can always contact me here. 
I have deleted the Black Cats and Full Moons blog.  I loved doing the historical research for it and I will probably bring it back, I just need to figure out a schedule and let it be a treat to do it again and not something hanging over my head that is not finished.
I also deleted the resources lists, which I had moved to a separate blog because they became so extensive.  It occurred to me that exactly because there was so much, it was not needed anymore.  When I started these blogs just a few years ago there were a handful of pagan podcasts, one or two pagan publishers and even online stores were hard to find.  Now there are hundreds of podcasts, radio shows, dozens of publishers and online and brick and mortar stores everywhere.  Good changes.
I cleaned up the remaining blogs, there is no need for all those links.
Pagan Tapestry will change as the Wheel turns and this blog will become more active.   The Borrowed Book of Charms is still active, many people have let me know that they are using it and I am glad for that.
I don't know what comes next, but for right now I feel a pull to move back to more ritual and these blogs are part of that. 


  1. Transitions to me are a time for both mourning and anticipation. But sometimes fear too.

  2. Good to hear from you =) I changed from IridescentDark because it simply didn't seem to fit anymore, although the reasons behind it will always remain. Sometimes we just need to shake things up!