Thursday, August 12, 2010

Isaac Bonewits

Isaac Bonewits died today.  He had a losing battle with cancer that seemed to take him away from us very quickly.  I never met Isaac, but when I first started A Pagan Tapestry he came across it somehow and put a link on his site, Views from the Cyberhenge.  He was very encouraging to a new Pagan blogger.
From what I have read about Isaac he was very encouraging to many people.  He was also entertaining and fun on Facebook.
We need more, not fewer, Pagans like him.  Involved from their head to their toes, 24/7, teaching, writing, talking, arguing.    Part of Paganism is the individual, intellectual pursuit of knowledge.
In Isaac's name, let us not lose sight of that.

Isaac Bonewits 1949-2010


  1. To paraphrase that old country song, he was pagan when pagan wasn't cool. RIP.

  2. He was good people. His works and voice will be heard for generations to come.