Monday, July 19, 2010

Tarot and me

One change in the last few months is that I have gotten serious about the Tarot.  I have dabbled for many years, picking them up and putting them down, but now I find myself using them everyday, sometimes just one card, sometimes for a reading with a spread and sometimes for meditation.
Unlike some readers I do not look for the future in the cards, other than a probable or likely outcome.  I find them much more useful for considering the present from many different angles and choosing a course of action based on that.
I have done a little reading for others, but I find that a lot of people are stuck in the past and mainly interested in finding a reader who will tell them that a love interest from their past is still in love with them.  I find that depressing, especially since the cards rarely, if ever, support that.  So I am very cautious about who I read for.
But I use them daily for my own connection to spirit.
I was surprised to find out only recently that some readers never do a reading for themselves and think that such a reading would be inaccurate.  I probably wouldn't be so interested in the Tarot if I felt that way.  I'm glad I was never told that when I first started out learning about Tarot.

The deck I use the most is the Mystical Dreamer, I get very strong messages from this deck.

I recently acquired a brand new deck, Shadowscapes Tarot.  The images are incredible, but I am having trouble with some of the cards.
So, while the Tarot is not new to me, it seems to have suddenly opened up for me in the last few months.


  1. I'm glad you featured these two decks - they are two that I have been looking at lately, and pondering getting for myself. I'm using the Legacy of the Divine deck right now and love it.

    And like you, I read for myself almost exclusively. I love picking a card a day or doing mini readings for meditations or clarity on a subject. Your post is right up my Tarot alley!

  2. I think tarot is a wonderful tool for introspective thought. You're right -- it can lead to new ways of looking at things.

  3. I have just recently acquired the Mystical Dreamer Tarot...I love it!! So far the readings I've done have been good.