Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was writing about planning a ritual for Litha on A Pagan Tapestry and for some reason Hern popped into my mind.  Perhaps too long since I did a ritual for him also. He is the only male deity that I regularly work with.
I will not be dedicating the Litha ritual to him.  I am thinking of dedicating it to a Sun Goddess.

Hern is very special to me and it is past time to dedicate a ritual to him.

Hern is not a son of the sun.  Hern is shadows and lush foliage.  Hern is the hush of a forest disturbed.  Hern is dark secrets and a path to light.  Hern is mentor to magicians and witches.  Hern is the enemy to any who seek to dominate nature, but he revels in the hunt, as it is the way of nature.  Hern is kin to the Greenman, or perhaps he is the Greenman in another guise.  Hern cannot be summoned or petitioned.  Hern will accept offerings but makes no promises.
Tell your secrets to Hern and perhaps he will share one with you.

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