Friday, December 26, 2008

New Beginnings

Isn't it amazing how often we say that? We get to do that, it's one of the few breaks that we (as a society) seem to be able to give ourselves.

I have been struggling with having to work part time in order to take care of my mother's medical and driving needs. I should be enjoying not working full time, but I am stressing over it instead. I have animal dependents and have never before worried about the financial end of taking care of them.

I am going to give myself a new beginning.

Tomorrow at dawn I will smudge the house and perform a ritual that will be a combination prosperity spell and an offering of the coming year to the Goddess.

I am going to jump whole heartedly into the freelance writing I have been doing in a somewhat haphazard way and I am going to give myself more time to be creative and enjoy painting and my new hobby of making earrings (a witch can't have too many earrings).

I am going to call on Peter's servitor (see previous post) and offer my energy and requests to him and see what happens. I am also going to take the plunge and create the entity that I have been thinking of creating to help me with my focus and ability to complete projects.

I avoid thinking of these as resolutions, they are already ongoing activities, I am going to renew my focus and strive to enjoy the process more.


  1. I heartily agree...we all need that starting over point. I have some good resolutions I'm taking on for this coming year as well. Doing a home cleansing is a great idea.

    Take care!

  2. Starting anew is the theme for many rock!!

    Enjoy your what YOU want.

    Prosperity and joy will follow.

  3. would you mind if I say a prayer for you and your fammily?

  4. Not at all, Concha, that would be lovely. Thank you.