Wednesday, October 29, 2008

starting at the beginning....

I was raised Catholic in a fairly typical post WWII Catholic family. More than two kids, Catholic schools, Mass on Sunday and Holydays. I don't remember my parents as being especially religious, but the Church was definitely part of our lives. We didn't do any of the social stuff, but we never missed Sunday Mass and the Bible and rosaries were present in the house.
I don't recall an especially close relationship with my maternal grandparents, my grandfather died when I was 6 and shortly after we moved far away from where my grandmother lived, but they must have had an influence. They were Irish, first generation American, and I picked up from them a little Celtic lore, mostly banshees and little people. I took this sort of thing to heart, to the dismay of the nuns during my early days in parochial schools, before I learned to shut up.


  1. Excellent idea. It's always interesting to learn how others found the pagan/Wiccan path, how it influences their lives, and how they actually practice it.

    I was thinking the other day that my blog has thus far been about everything BUT witchcraft....

  2. I think that once you begin to practice the Craft, it influences your whole life. It is not a go-to-Church-on-Sunday kind of thing.
    So if you are practicing witchcraft and blogging about your life, you are blogging about witchcraft.

    That's my philosophy sound byte for the day! :-)